Sikkim Housing and Development Board (SH&DB) is a statutory body constituted under the Sikkim Housing and Development Board Act, 1979. SH&DB was established in the year 1979 to deal with the activities related to Housing Development Schemes in planned manner in the State.


The Board was set up with the following objectives in mind:

I) To plan and co-ordinate various housing and development schemes in a planned manner in the State.
II) To encourage construction of houses in urban &rural areas by extending loan to Government Employees &others.
III) To acquire land for development and providing for infrastructure and other essential services.
IV) To construct commercial complexes and residential colonies for Central/State Government and Public in general residing in Sikkim.
V) To achieve the twin objectives of reduction in cost of buildings and adoption of new construction techniques by promoting research in all activities relating to housing.


The Board is administered by the Board of Members which comprises of the following:
1. The Chairman nominated by the State Government,
2. The Development Commissioner,
3. The Secretary, FRED,
4. THE Secretary, Urban Dev.& Housing Department,
5. The Secretary, RMDD,
6. PCE-cum-Secretary, Building& Housing Department,
7. The Secretary, Sikkim Housing & Development Board.

The Board is headed by the Secretary, who shall be the Chief Executive Officer and one or more Assistant Secretaries, and such other officers and employees as recruited the Board or deputed by the State Government may consider necessary for the efficient performance of its functions. The appointment of the Secretary is made by the State Government and the appointment of other Officers and employees of the Board is made by the Board.

Powers and duties of Board to undertake Housing Scheme

The Board may from time to time, incur expenditure and undertake works for the framing and execution of Housing scheme In relation to lands and buildings vested or in the possession of the State Government. The State Government on terms and conditions shall impose, entrust to the Board for framing and execution of any housing scheme and such after the Board shall undertake the framing and execution of such scheme. On agreeing upon such terms and conditions and with approval of State the Board shall take over for execution any Housing Scheme, on behalf of a local authority or Co-operative society or employer or for the residence of the employees of such local-authority, co-operative society or employer or for the residence of the members of such co-operative society, as the case may be.